Palm V - DYI Hardware Overclock

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Note by Mario Chisari: This page is my version of the one at <>; since it isn't available any more, I put this copy here for the sake of Palm's community. There was also a Thai version (possibly the true original) at <>. The real author seems to be neway (a) Photos come from these sites, I've just enriched the text.


Palm V

Palm V - DYI Hardware Overclock

Software Overclock

Do you want your Palm V go faster? Have you tried Afterburner or Tornado?
These are well-known software overclocking programs. You don't have to open or modify your Palm to use them; just pay a few bucks! They can speed up your palm up to 231% the original speed (16->40 MHz), as shown by the picture.

There's another free program you can try: Cruise Control. It removes wait states from memory access, thus speeding up the Palm. It is a different type of overclock, having no side effects - in IR comms and Hotsync - to be corrected.

Hardware Modification

If you prefer, you can modify your Palm V to overclock it to the speed of Palm Vx (from 16 to 20 MHz, about 122% of a normal Palm V). If you use the StreakHack - a free hack - you can jump up to 133%.

The modification is easy, if your are experienced in working with surface mount electronics: it is like setting the jumpers of the PC computer motherboard. For instance, if you know how to upgrade the 2MB ram chip to 8MB, this modification would be a breeze.
Otherwise, leave it to a qualified technician. There are several services that can do this work for you on Internet...


  1. (Do you need me to alert you to perform a Hotsync first ?!?)
  2. Remove the bottom metal cover of the Palm V. There are no screws to remove: you have to melt the glue that holds it closed, by means of hot-air blow. I think the best directions around are on PDAParts' site, where you can also buy many parts to repair and service Palm handhelds.
  3. Unsolder the SMD transistor in the following photo and move it to the new location as shown. Be careful not to over-heat or damage the tiny legs of the SMD component.
    Overclock benchmark
    (Note : The SMD transistor is marked <L4> in some Palm V and as <JV3> in others. It is a general purpose NPN transistor.)
  4. Reseal the back metal cover. Switch on the Palm V again, and feel the new speed.
  5. You can check the performance with the Benchmark apps from QUARTUS. With StreakHack, your Palm can run upto 133% the original speed.
    Overclock benchmark results